Our Mission is To Protect What Matters

Blue Gator Ground Protection Mats protect people, equipment, and the environment. We manufacture in the Ocala, Florida, U.S.A. Schedule a visit to our manufacturing home and see our commitment to people, the planet and meeting your needs.

  • Local and Responsible Manufacturing

    We are Buy America Act compliant operating responsibly, sourcing material and manufacturing locally. We are committed to our people and our planet. We believe in a safe, respectful, and supportive workplace for our teams and provide them with every opportunity to reach their potential.

  • A Zero-Waste Mindset

    Blue Gator Ground Protection Mats are made from recycled post-consumer and post-industrial materials, our mats are recyclable, built to last, minimize replacement buying and create a more durable, sustainable option to subpar substitutes like plywood.

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Blue Gator

Discover how you can make an impact. Join a team focused on you! We pay competitively and ensure a living wage, offer above average benefits including comprehensive healthcare, generous time off and 401(k). Plus, the opportunity to create and sell valuable products that world relies on to keep moving.

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